The 21th China (Guzhen) International Lighting Fair
March 18th – 21st , 2018 Guzhen Convention and Exhibition Center, Guzhen, China
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Sub Venues Information

Guzhen International Lighting Fair adopts an innovative exhibition and sales mode of linkwork of exhibitors and shops and its main venue combines the local four major lighting markets. As the main venue, "Guzhen Convention and Exhibition Center" collects competitive products of lighting industry, and the parallel fair venue covers the industry sources and major brands at home and abroad. The combination of the two venues covers the whole industry chain from finished lighting products, accessories to mechanical parts.

The organizer offers free shuttle bus services
between the main venue and sub venues.

Main venue:Guzhen Convention and Exhibition Center

Exhibitors: 550
Space: 30,000sqm
Address: Interchange of Dongxing East Road and Gushen Road


We offer Free Wi-Fi, Free Shuttle bus and Visitors Leisure Area. It consists of three exhibition halls and a two-story conference reception center. 550 exhibitors participated in the 14th Guzhen International Lighting Fair, which was mainly composed of three professional halls as below

Hall A: Electrotechnical products & LED lighting area,
Hall B: Decorative & Lighting area
Hall C: LED lighting area
Sub Venues(1):Star Alliance Lighting & LED Expo Center

Number of shops: 1000
Space: 300,000sqm
Address:Zhong Xing Avenue, Guzhen Town, Zhongshan City


There are three halls, including the international top lighting brands hall, the international LED lighting experience hall and the Chinese high-end lighting brands hall. Dozens of global top lighting brands such as German brand OSRAM, Canadian brand BOCCI, Italian FLOS, which set up their only headquarters in China, are directly introduced into the international hall which is become the center of the world's brands. The influential LED brands are selected into the international LED hall which is built a LED experience center. Local high-end lighting brands will be displayed in special image area at the Chinese brand Hall, sharing the same platform with international brands.
Sub Venues(2):Besun Lighting Plaza

Number of shops: 300
Space: 100,000sqm
Address:No.1, Zhong Xing Avenue


The plaza integrates more than 110 high quality lighting brands. It meets all the procurement needs of retail, wholesale and engineering. As the largest and highest grade comprehensive professional shopping mall in the town, it is a 26-story European style building, of which The first floor to 7th floor are the lighting stores. Lighting products cover all categories in lighting industry.
Sub Venues(3):Lighting Era Center

Number of shops: 150
Space: 79,000sqm
Address:No.56, Xin Xing Zhong Road


A comprehensive commercial building which combines business, leisure, entertainment, food and accommodation functions Construction area is 79,000 sqm,25-story in total, of which the first to 9th floor are the large shopping malls for lighting products, and the 10th-25th floor is the business hotel. As the ultra-large professional lighting square, it possesses creative planning ,design and high-end supporting facilities.
Sub Venues(4):Lihe lighting expo center

Number of shops: 100
Space: 550,000sqm


Lihe lighting expo center devotes to build the upgrading platform of the global lighting industry, and the business area is 550 thousand square meters. Lihe lighting expo center form the domestic innovative synthesis of industry exhibition trade and super city, and it combines lighting fair trade, corporate headquarters office, Lihe Wenstin super five-star hotel as well as Lihe Hilton Garden Hotel, Guzhen financial street, residence, apartments, shopping centers, entertainment, culture, sports, banquet and delicious food, industrial tourism, service industry and other business. It will build the world's lighting comprehensive services demonstration base with incomparable hardware facility and one-stop industrial supporting services.
Sub Venues(5):China lighting plaza

Space: 420,000 sqm
Address: South No.1, Zhongxing Avenue, Guzhen Town, Zhongshan, China
Website: http://www.chinalightingplaza.com/


China lighting plaza is located at the prime area in guzhen town which is renowned as the 'China lighting capital'. This plaza is built by Huayi Group and occupies 420,000 sqm. It relies mainly on the large - scale lighting mart, and takes business office, five-star hotel, conference center, recreation center and global cate restaurant as the subsidiary business. Whereby the large - scale lighting mart occupies 300,000 sqm, and the other five businesses occupies 120,000 sqm. In order to gather the global lighting resources and traders in industry, as well as to speed up the formation of 'World's lighting capital', China lighting plaza aims to build a one-stop shopping mall, as well as an international lighting mall which can make the shops gain a long-term profitability and operation capacity in guzhen town.
Sub Venues(6): Huayu Plaza

Number of shops: 30
Space: 50,000 sqm


Introduction: Huayu Plaza is a specialized stores of Chinese style lamp, and is a commercial complex with five functions of exhibition trading center, marketing center, business hotel, conference center, and delicacy center. It is a new landmark building of the Guzhen Chinese style lamp street majoring in Chinese lamps and related supporting furniture.
Sub Venues (7): China International Streetlight City

Space: 200,000 sqm


China International Streetlight City is China's largest outdoor lighting market, filling a niche in Guzhen's professional outdoor lighting market. In 2014, it was named "Key Supported Investment Promotion Project" by the Zhongshan Municipal People's Government. On April 16, 2017, it was honored as "Purchasing Base for Global Outdoor Lighting" by the Guzhen Town People's Government and SGS, Switzerland.