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EU-US-Asia is Still the Principal Lighting Market

23.08.2017 09:38

July 11, 2017 /Guzhen Lighting Fair News/
Abstract: Lighting market analysis by continental scales

Still principal lighting market, EU-US-Asia accounted for more than 85% of global market in 2010, and Asia, China in particular, is the fastest-growing market.
10 Billion Yuan Per Unit

Asian Lighting Market:

Chinese Lighting Market
About 4,000 companies in China manufacture LEDs, making it the largest LED industry in the world. Today, Chinese LED market is 30% of the global LED market, which takes China ahead of Japan, South Korea, Germany, Taiwan and the United States. 

Russian Ligthing Market
In 2014, total volume in the Russian lighting market approached USD 7.8 bn, where LED product applications had a 32% market penetration rate, almost the same as those in developed countries. The ratio is expected to rise to 44% by 2016. Russia has positive market potential in both general growth rate of lighting, and in penetration rate of LED products. All large wholesalers in Russia know about Guzhen.

Japanese Lighting Market
In 2015, total demands for various kinds of lighting products in the Japanese market stood at about USD 5.39 bn, with LED lighting taking about 78.6% (penetration rate) of the total market. According to statistics from JLMA, delivery of lighting products is moving towards more LED products. 

Southeast Asian Lighting Market
In 2015, total volume in the SE Asian lighting market approached USD 4.8 bn and that of LED lighting products stood at about USD 1.5 bn. SE Asia is growing into the most dynamic and potential market of LED lighting.


Middle East Lighting Market:
In 2014, China exported LED lighting products worth USD 273.7 mn to the Middle East market, rising by 106.68% YOY. In 2015, China exported LED lighting products worth USD 570 mn to the overseas markets, with Iran, UAE and Saudi Arabia as the first three destinations of exports. 

Indian Lighting Market
Nowadays, about 300 million Indian people do not have access to the power grid. Because of India’s deficiency in LED core technologies, most of its LED lighting products are imported from other countries. According to ELCOMA, volume of the LED lighting industry in India, by 2020, will reach 213.6 bn rupees, or about RMB 20.5 bn Yuan (1 Indian rupee=RMB 0.0961 Yuan).


European Lighting Market:

German Lighting Market
As the largest economy in Europe, Germany is also a large market for Chinese exports of lighting products. Last year, China exported lighting products worth USD 840 mn to Germany, including USD470-mn fixed decorating lighting products and USD 263-mn movable lighting products.

Swedish Lighting Market
Last year, China exported USD 100-mn lighting products to Sweden, including USD 81-mn fixed decorating lighting products and USD 38-mn movable lighting products.


North American Lighting Market

American Lighting Market
According to the report of the United States Department of Energy, total market volume of lighting products in the USA will reach USD 25.1 bn in 2016, making it the largest overseas market for Chinese manufacturers of lighting products whose market size is almost the same as the entire EU market. 70.50% of American LED imports come from China, which is worth about USD 420 mn. Two thirds of American citizens have purchased household LED lighting products.


Latin American Lighting Market

Brazilian Lighting Market
By June 2016, Brazil will completely prohibit use of incandescent lights in order to promote use of LED lights. It is expected lighting market volume in Brazil will reach USD 4.72 bn in 2016, of which LED will take 50%. In this way, the annual market growth rate of LED lights in Brazil will reach 46.7%.

Chilean Lighting Market
In January-May, 2015, China exported LED lighting products worth USD 36 mn to Chile, rising 44% from USD25 mn in the same period of 2014. Chile rose from No. 32 to No. 31 in the rank of destinations for Chinese LED lighting exports.

African Lighting Market
Africa, as an emerging market of lighting products, is at the low end of lighting applications. Having average requirements for product performance, according to statistics of Economist Intelligence Unit Ltd., it is expected that by 2016 half of African countries will record a 5% GDP growth rate. The market in South Africa should not be overlooked. In January-March 2015, China exported lighting products worth USD 47.5013 mn to South Africa, rising 6.30% YOY.