Oct.30-Nov.3, 2017 Guzhen Convention and Exhibition Center, Guzhen, China

Why we launch the tour?

In Guzhen, there are several large-scale lighting marts spread across different parts of Guzhen with variety of lighting products and abundant resources. In 2017, during exhibition time, six well-chosen lighting marts would be set as sub-venues. To take full advantage of these superior shops and help overseas buyers save time and energy to find suitable products, sub-venues provide more choices.

What is VIP Sourcing Tour?

The "VIP sourcing tour" is the tailor-made purchasing tour especially targeted for overseas buyers. Before exhibition, GILF organizers will screen and select eligible stores with international trade competence from China Lighting Plaza, then convene a small-batch high-class group of VIP overseas buyers to pay a visit by preparing shuttle bus at the exhibition time, a tour to both solve the traffic problem and facilitate overseas buyers’ trip.

China Lighting Plaza
Brief Introduction

420,000 sqm. Total Construction Area

300,000 sqm. Grand Lighting Volume

300+ Settled Brands and Merchants

42 Storeys

As the purchase centre for distributors and lighting service centre across China, China Lighting Plaza has attracted the settle-in of international buyers, import and export corporations, Custom brokers company, logistics and distribution, financial services, electricity providers and other agencies stationed, so that transactions between global lighting buyers and local sellers can be more convenient and reliable. It provides customers with a perfect experience of one-stop services of lighting business and purchase.
China lighting plaza spreads China Lighting brands to the world and opens a new international trade generation of "purchase from the world, sell to the world"